With a history of successful projects and electrical installations our approach to our work is straightforward: we want fully satisfied customers and to this end we only use fully certified Nic Eic electicians.



Maybe you have noticed an electrical burning smell inside your house, your lights are flickering, or perhaps you just need some standard routine maintenance.
We will always respond quickly to resolve all of your electrical problems.
Our trusted, prompt, expert electricians utilise advanced techniques and the latest technologies to find and repair the problem you are having or perform the routine maintenance you require.


Our electric technicians provide top-notch electric installations for very affordable prices. We have teams that specialise in all kinds of residential wiring projects and we understand there’s a difference.
We’ll send out the correct, skilled, electricians to handle all of your projects.
Whether you require a new installation in an older home or perhaps new wiring when building a brand new house.
Don’t hesitate, call us today!


You never know when a complete power outage might occur.
If you possess a generator, you won’t find yourself in a blackout.
At Aberdeen Electrician we’re your primary resource for residential and commercial generators in the Aberdeen area. From helping you choose the correct size generator for your home to generator repair, our skilled generator technicians are available day or night so you will never find yourself in the dark, ever again.
Keep your family safe and warm, call us today to discuss your generator needs!


An electric system that is correctly functioning is an essential part of your everyday home life. We depend on electricity for almost all of our daily tasks; without it, we’d be lost entirely.
Whenever electrical problems happen inside or outside your home, or you need to replace your lighting fixtures or have new ones installed, the very last thing you should do is try to fix them by yourself.
With the danger of electric shock and death, trust the experts at [business] to do this work for you.


An older home's electrical system that is trying to manage appliances of today can be a massive inconvenience for homeowners who are struggling with breakers that trip due to all these modern day appliances.
It is also a dangerous situation.
Electrical service upgrades that ensure your home is safe requires professional assistance from an experienced crew of electricians.
Let us help get your home set up for all this new technology!


You depend on your electrical panel to keep you and your family comfortable, warm and of course, entertained!
At the very heart of your home’s electrical system is your circuit breaker panel.
As a trusted electrical company in the Aberdeen area, We have all the tools and necessary skills to install and repair any style of circuit breaker panel.
Our electrical technicians will come out quickly to assess your situation whether it’s in the middle of the night or late afternoon, we will be there for you. You can always count on our team!



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